The first Tussey Mountain Middle School Science Fair kicked off on March 26th, 2018 at the Tussey Mountain High School coordinated by 5th grade teacher Mrs. Davina Wieczorek.  There were 15 scientists who took part in the science fair.  The following 5th graders presented their projects at the science fair: Mike Brenna with a solar powered car, Barrett Brode with a simple machine experiment, Mackenzie Finnegan with a volcano experiment, Nolan May with a cloud display/experiment, and Alexis Sumner with a display of how earth worms help the soil. The remaining students were 6th graders: Lauryle Ayers with a layers of the earth display, Philip Brode with a sea life/ocean layer display, Bella Chamberlain with an egg drop experiment display, Brady Heath with a layers of the earth display, Hailey Horton with a hydraulic robotic arm experiment, Alyssa Jo with the results of her hypothesis concerning egg hatching rates/results of different types of eggs, Tyler Lambing with a battery experiment, Ruthie Saylor with a planet display, Jaelyn Thompson with a robotics and programming display, and Elaina Woomer with an electromagnetic train experiment.  All scientist gave an oral presentation to judges, families and guests.  The judges of the science fair were the Tussey Mountain Middle School principal, Mr. Matt McCahan, Senior High chemistry teacher Miss Brittany Buterbaugh, Online Learning Coordinator and Elementary Gifted Support teacher, Mrs. Sonya Browell and the district’s life skills teacher Miss Melissa Madzy.  Special thanks to the PTO for suppling the first place cash prize and refreshments for the participants and their family.  Thank you to Julie Gutshall for helping with parent sign in and photographing the event.  We hope to see more scientist join in the fun next school year!

The third place winner of the $10 cash prize was: 6th grader Elaina Woomer

The second place winner of the $15 cash prize was: 6th grader Hailey Horton

The first place winner of the $25 cash prize was 6th grader Allysa Jo