After School Program (Grades 2-5)

Do the words “School” and “Fun” belong in the same sentence?  Sure they do, especially when you’re talking about the  Bedford County After School Program.   

The Tussey Mountain School District is pleased to be a part of this very special program. Kids in grades 2nd   through 5th may attend this program, during which time they have the opportunity to get their homework done with the help of a certified teacher and aide(s), they improve their academic skills, they work on projects, and, best of all, they get to hang out with their friends in a safe/controlled environment.

"How much does something like this cost"?, you may ask.   Nothing !!  ...    Nil !!  ...   Zilch !! ...    That’s right, it’s absolutely free.    This program is funded through the Federal 21 st Century Community Learning Center Grant Program , which means you pay nothing.

Contact Information:

Tussey Mountain School District Site Coordinator: Rebecca Catlett
Phone: 814-635-2934

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