Special Education

The goal of the Tuseey Mt. School District is to continue to offer the most appropriate programs within our school district or local area. For more information regarding the referral process and programming for exceptional students, you may contact Mr. Jerry Shoemake, Director of Education/Special Education Coordinator, at 814-635-3670 or by email at jshoemake@tmsd.net.

Parental Concerns

Educating and raising children is both a rewarding and challenging endeavor. A positive partnership between parents, caregivers, and school professionals is a critical tool to be relied on when navigating the sophisticated waters of schooling. When parents in our district have concerns about their child they want and deserve support immediately.

The following questions can be used to prompt parents and caregivers to clarify specifically the issues they may be concerned about.

  • Have you contacted your child’s school guidance counselor?
  • Have you contacted your child’s school principal?
  • Have you contacted your child’s teacher(s)?
  • Do you suspect your child has a learning disability?
  • Do you think your child has difficulty establishing and maintaining meaningful peer relationships?
  • Are you having difficulty getting your child to attend school?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please submit a letter expressing your concerns to your child’s building principal and request more information on how everyone involved can meet your child’s specific needs.

Special Education Services Quick Links

Parent Portal

Access your student's info using the Sapphire Parent Portal.


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